Coney Island, An Important Birthday and Leigh Ellexson!

It's been crazy busy around Handzy lately!

Good busy! Don't worry we still make time to go to Coney Island for much needed pool time on Mondays—we just wanted to fill everyone in about what's been happening and will be happening around here!


To start—on July 1st we celebrated Handzy shop's first birthday and released our very first issue of High Five, our new zine! We feel insanely grateful that we've had the opportunity to make so many amazing friends in the past year. We couldn't keep doing what we love every day if it wasn't for your support. If you came out to celebrate with us we appreciate it more than words can say and hope you had a good time at our little party. We're not 100% sure what year two will hold (we have some top secret ideas but we're not trying to ruin the surprise!) but we are certain it will be exciting. If you're reading this post we are glad you are along for the ride! If you missed our birthday celebration here are some pictures to live vicariously through.


Shoutout to Donna's Gourmet Cookies and our Pike Street neighbors Buttercup Cake House for making our birthday treat dreams come true and to Brittany Thornton for always capturing our special moments with fun and professional photography!

A thing you won't want to miss this month is our featured maker, Leigh Ellexson.

Leigh is a Cincinnati based watercolor/mixed media magician (in our opinion). Her color palette tastes will blow your mind and her work is soft and breathtaking. I'm not even exaggerating here. We will stock her products, including tons of original artwork, until the end of the month. If you're dying to meet her (she's really nice) and chat about her process or just hang out and eat snacks we are hosting a Meet The Maker event on Friday July 21st from 5–7p. In the meantime check out some of her work here to get excited!

Leigh is also all over the internet. She has an amazing YouTube channel where she vlogs about artsy topics, gives sketchbook tours and more. If you'd like a daily dose of dreamy inspiration definitely give her Instagram feed a follow. If you somehow missed her in our shop but are loving her work you can purchase prints and custom paintings through her Etsy. Get to know her more by watching the video below!

Maker of the Month: Queen City Alchemy

Our May Maker is here at Handzy and making our shop smell so fresh and so clean!


Queen City Alchemy, run by Emily Little of Cincinnati, makes herbal remedies, cold-processed soaps and handcrafted cosmetics. QCA is committed to providing the highest quality bath and body products using only safe, non-toxic, and cruelty-free ingredients! With this, they are constantly striving to produce only the best products with a purpose for their customers, and we think that really fits with our shop vibes!


Emily is always studying plant medicine, on a mission to heal herself and the rest of the world through the tradition and magic of botanicals. She makes some these goods by hand, creating variety and a natural, holistic feel every time you pick a product up. We met Emily because she started carrying Handzy cards at her new brick and mortar shop—Vitae Viride! Vitae Viride is an enticing shop nestled in the heart of Fort Thomas, KY featuring a carefully curated array of nature inspired goods and handcrafted gifts to feather your nest and delight your loved ones. Like Handzy Shop + Studio, Vitae Viride also hosts creative workshops


We have soaps, serums and sugar scrubs in the shop. Come pick some up and find out for yourself! Be sure to follow both Queen City Alchemy and Vitae Viride on Instagram!!

Workshop Wrap-Ups!

We've been busy learning new creative skills at Handzy!

Our summer weekend calendars are filling up with workshopsevents and we are excited to share all of our upcoming plans with you! We wanted to show some photos from our past two workshops with you because they were both incredibly fun and we would love to see you at the next one!

At the end of April we learned how to arrange flowers with stems from Gia and the Blooms. This was such a fun way to kick off the spring. Wielding our new skills we were able to make beautiful, creative arrangements that lasted for almost two weeks and made our shop and homes smell amazing! This past weekend Sarah Harste visited from Columbus and taught us about weaving. We loved it so much we both (Suzy + Brittney) made two woven wall hangings! These colorful, fun fiber arts really fit our vibe and we'll certainly offer this workshop in the future! Hope you love these photos as much as we do! 


We just opened a few workshops in June and they are posted on our workshops page. Click through if you are interested in making an awesome embroidered letter patch for your overalls or denim jacket OR re-centering mid-year to align with your 2017 goals!

Photo credit: Brittany LeAnn

Handzy Mother's Day Gift Guide

Need gift ideas? We've got them!!

As I write this post Mother's Day is ten days away! I know it can be hard to think of a gift but there are plenty of ways to show your mom or the other moms in your life you care about them! The simplest and maybe most meaningful way in my opinion is a card! We've posted a few cards from our own paper goods line here but we've got a bigger selection in the shop! Cards are special because they come from the heart and they don't require you to spend tons of money. With a blank inside there is plenty of space to fill with words of love, appreciation and encouragement. Start there!

If you want to do something a bit more click each link to shop online for most of what's below. This is all also available in person here at Handzy! If you'd rather celebrate mom with an experience check out the workshops page on our website!

E.B. Quilts
Indigo Dyed Tea Towel

Handzy Shop + Studio
Strong Woman Card

Worthwhile Paper
Screen-Printed Notebook

Handzy Shop + Studio
Mother's Day Card

Darling Magazine
Issue #18

Pony Motel
Hand-Painted Purse

Queen City Alchemy
Scented Bar Soap

elle brux necklace.jpg

Elle Brux
Hand-Painted Necklace

Pig Candle Co.
Hand-Poured Soy Candle

Handzy Shop + Studio
Favorite Lady Card

Lunch Lady Magazine
Issue #6

Maker of the Month: A.P. Loves Design

Let's talk about Andi—finally!

We hope it's not too late to introduce you to April’s Maker of the Month! In our last post we briefly mentioned Andi of A.P. Loves Design and now we’re back to gush about her! Andi is a graphic designer based out of Ohio that creates her own line of greeting cards based on real life inspirations. Whether those inspirations come from cheese, friendship, or loss, A.P. manages to create simple yet creatively comforting cards. Andi hand-letters, prints, and packages these cards at her home in Cincinnati on recycled materials. She then distributes them to a handful of shops, a few shops out of state, and also sells them online via Etsy. Andi also shares our love for the small, tangible items, that make a difference in our day to day lives. Supporting artists with the same goals and passions is something we are very thankful to be able to do! Stop in the shop or visit the A.P. Loves Design online shop here! Don't forget to also follow her on Instagram to stay up-to-date with everything new.